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Still Using Manual Methods For Tracking Employee Hours?

Employers use a wide variety of means to track employee hours, but some methods are better than others. Cloud-based time-tracking offers the kind of flexibility the modern workforce requires. Here are four reasons to consider trading in your current time-tracking method and upgrading to cloud based employee tracking.

4 Reasons Your Time and Attendance Tracking Should Migrate to the Cloud

When it comes to time and attendance and other critical functions traditionally left to HR departments, the question isn’t whether it’s possible to move to the cloud: It’s a matter of when you should. These four benefits could sway your decision.

Ninth Circuit Rules on Rounding for Time Tracking

For over 50 years, the FLSA has allowed employers to use rounding to ease the administrative burden of time tracking. Recently this practice was challenged in court. Read this article to find out what happened, and what you need to know to keep your rounding policy legal.

Tips for Successful Biometric Fingerprint Scanning

You may have heard (or discovered for yourself) that sometimes biometric system users will have trouble convincing the the system to read their fingerprint. While a few people have trouble due to various physical issues, for the vast majority of people it often comes down to a matter of technique. This article offers a few quick tips to make clocking in and out smoother and easier for anyone who needs to use a fingerprint for time & attendance tracking.

How Much Time Are You Wasting, Tracking Time?

Tracking employee work time is not a waste of time in and of itself. In fact, it can be key to ensuring business productivity and profitability. The problem lies with how some businesses go about recording and processing that time. This article identifies the problem and offers several solutions that can work for virtually any business.

One Easy Step To Prevent Time Theft

If you’re concerned your employees are taking advantage of you by recording inaccurate arrival and departure times on their time sheets, there’s one simple step you can take to eliminate this time theft. Read this article to find out why you SHOULD be concerned, and what you can do.

On the Road Again: Travel Pay for Non-Exempt Employees

An interesting question: when you you need to count toward “work time” the travel time incurred by non-exempt employees? The answer may not be as simple as you might think.

Are You a Victim of Time Theft?

Nearly half of employers expect their workers to be on time every day. But a few bad apples may be taking advantage to arrive late, leave early or take long lunches without their employer finding out. How can they get away with this, and what can employers do to control it?

More Profit, Courtesy of Your Time & Attendance System

When people think about the ways time and attendance tracking can save a company money, often times they focus on things like more accurate time tracking and more efficient payroll processing. But did you realize your time and attendance system can also help you identify which projects are most profitable? It’s true!

Taking Time to the Cloud

We’re hearing a lot today about cloud computing. Here are just three of the many reasons you might want to consider moving your time and attendance to an online time clock.