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Acroprint’s Offices Closed for Good Friday

Acroprint’s offices will be closed on Friday, March 29, 2013 in observance of Good Friday.

The Green Scene: Tickled Pink

What do time clocks and flamingos have in common? (Besides fabulous color sense, that is.) Find out here…

Another Reason Those Green Time Clocks Are So Cool

Sure, you know that Acroprint’s distinctive green Model 125 and Model 150 punch clocks are rugged and reliable time recorders. But crime fighters, too? It’s true!

The Green Scene: 40 Years!

We commemorate Glenn Robbins’ 40th anniversary as an Acroprint employee.

The Green Scene: Goal Oriented

Here at Acroprint we try to remain focused all year round on our goals of providing excellent customer service and top-quality products. Here’s one way we help keep our ideals “top of mind.”

The Green Scene: Vintage Posters

In earlier years, we used posters like these to recruit dealers and resellers for Acroprint products.

The Green Scene: Our Heritage

I love looking at these vintage clocks and wondering about what sort of organization might have used them when they were new.

The Green Scene: Happy Birthday, Mrs. Tula!

Join us in wishing our own Mrs. Tula a very happy 86th birthday!

The Green Scene: Winter Wonderland

Folks in other parts of the country may scoff, but here in the South we still get excited over snow!

The Green Scene: Made in the USA (part 2)

Only slightly less well-known than our iconic Model 125 and Model 150 (and equally green), our ET and ETC time stamps are also assembled here in Raleigh NC.